Frequently Asked Questions

What are the boarders at Brookside Farms like? 

Boarders range in age from 7 to 60 and have a variety of skill levels and interests. Some participate in pony clubs, dressage, and hunter jumper events.  Most members enjoy more causal riding around the facility and its wooded trails. The barn is very family-oriented and members are always welcome to bring pets and kids. There are BBQs, camp-outs and pony club events hosted at the barn. Many of the boarders have been at our facility for years, but they are always welcoming to new faces. Spots are becoming available as riders who started boarding as pre-teens are now moving off to college.

Does Brookside Farms offer lessons, summer camps or pony parties?

We do not offer trail rides, lessons, camps or parties. 

What is expected of a Co-op member?

Co-op members pay a small fee to the Co-op that pays for shavings, wormer, fly control and liability insurance. Members jointly participate in maintenance of the fences and share responsibility for the general cleanliness of the barn. The Co-Op holds a workday typically for a ½ day 3 or 4 times per year to take care of routine maintenance. The Co-Op shares in buying hay, keeping everyone’s prices lower. The advantage of the Co-Op is that someone looks out for your horse if you are not there, and yet you receive the benefit of full board pricing that is substantially below the market for full board.

As a Co-op member what am I in charge of doing for myself?

Members are expected to purchase their own feed, feed their own horse, clean their own stalls, and administer wormer as needed. Members are always willing to help feed your horse on days you aren't available as long as you return the favor. 

Do I need to use a specific vet or farrier at Brookside Farms?  

No, you are welcome to bring in any vet or farrier you would like. Usually Co-op members let others know when they are having a vet of farrier come to the barn so that others can add on and reduce trip costs as much as possible.

May I leave my trailer at Brookside Farms? 

Yes, you may leave your trailer at the Brookside Farms facility if space is available. 

I have a stallion, can I board him at Brookside Farms? 

Unfortunately, for the safety of our younger boarders and the other horses, we do not allow stallions.

My horse cribs, can I still board at Brookside Farms? 

Because the fencing is almost entirely wood at Brookside farms, we do not allow cribbers or fence chewers. 

What shots do I need?

You must have a current negative Cogs to come on the property. We strongly recommend a complete series of vaccines as specified by your vet.

What about fly control?

The Co-Op handles fly control on a non-toxic basis which is included as part of your Co-op fee.

What is the Co-Op fee?

The Co-Op fee depends upon the cost for shavings, wormer and supplies. It varies by a few dollars each month, but it is generally less than $40.00 per month.

Are there multi-horse discounts available for board?

Yes. Three or more horses qualify for a multi-horse discount.

What is the stall size?

Most of the stalls are 12 x 12; some are larger; two are foaling stalls.

What about work-days? How frequent are they?

There are 3 or 4 work days per year. Typically they are held for a 1/2 day on a Saturday. During work days, members do general barn clean-up, fence repair, jump repair, and other miscellaneous barn chores. The owners handle all major work including cutting, fertilizing, spraying and other pasture maintenance.

Why are there so many turn-out areas?

Twelve turn-out areas give us the opportunity to rest pastures and segregate horses.

Will my horse be segregated from the herd when the horse initially comes to the barn?

Yes, for both your horse's safety and the safety of other horses your horse will be segregated for 2 weeks. We want to be certain that any new horse does not carry any diseases. We also want to be certain that any new horse is slowly integrated into the herd. During this two week period, your horse can see other horses, but does not share pastures with them.

Does Brookside Farms limit the number of horses?

Yes. It is important for the health and safety of your horse to have plenty of grass and pasture to roam which is why we have a strict limit of 18 horses on the property. Most experts recommend at least one acre per horse. We have nearly 2 acres per horse. Because we rotate pastures, fertilize and do weed control, many of our boarders find there is no need for supplemental hay or grain from April to November. We do not have dry lots, which is very common in overused and abused pastures.