Located in the Dacula area, Brookside Farms LTD, aka Bailey Creek Equine Facility, sits on 40 acres of terraced green pastures. The property has a creek, a pond, and wooded trails.

Brookside Farms strictly limits the number of horses on the property to ensure that each horse has plenty of green pastures to graze. Each horse has almost double the pasture space required by the state, and the owner limits the number of horses on the property to no more than 18.

There are 12 separate turn-out areas, lighted dressage arena, round pen, barrels, and jumps, two separate tack rooms, wash station with hot water availability and more. 

Brookside Farms is situated on 40 acres in Gwinnett County in the Dacula/Lawrenceville/Mill Creek area.  It was started by they Boyce family over 20 years ago. This family farm provides a unique boarding facility that has a distinct family atmosphere. Brookside Farms is very different from most commercial boarding facilities. 

The Co-Op is run by its members. By buying in bulk, members save on hay, feed and shavings. The members work together and share responsibility for each other's horses and for keeping the barn in good order. This Co-Operative system allows members who can't be at the barn on a daily basis to be certain their horse is always well cared for.  One of the Co-Op members lives on the property as do the owners of Brookside Farms. Co-Op members meet three or four times per year, typically on a Saturday morning, to do general clean-up, fence maintenance, fix jumps, and perform other simple tasks. The owners of Brookside Farms take care of pasture maintenance, seeding, fertilizing, weeding, and other major maintenance items.