Benefits of Co-Op Horse Boarding

Brookside Farms is a co-operative horse boarding facility. While this comes with many benefits, it does mean that Broodside Farms is not an ideal boarding option for those who want the care of their horses to be decided and done by a barn manager. Advantages to Co-Op horse boarding at Brookside are as follows:

Affordable Horse Boarding Option

As a co-operative horse boarding facility, Brookside Farm members share responsibilities that cut costs. By buying in bulk, members save on hay, feed and shavings. Additionally, members work together and share responsibility for each other's horses and for keeping the barn in good order. This means that Brookside Farms doesn't have to hire an employee and can keep boarding rates at about half of those at a full boarding facility

No Barn Manager Frustrations

Brookside horse owners are not at the mercy of barn managers schedules or preferences. They have the liberty to decide how to care for their horses and are encouraged to do so. Owners get to decide when to blanket, feed turn out and care for their horses. 

Limited Boarders

Many traditional barns have far too many horses on too little grass. Brookside Farms uses the appropriate pasture care and rotation to assure that each turn out area has plenty of grass and shade.

Lush Pasture and No Dry Lots

Brookside also ensures almost 2 acres for each horse (maximum of 18), which is almost double the pasture space required by state.  This allows, Brookside and to have green pastures for almost 9 months out of the year. This means very little grain-supplementation since the pastures are allowed to rest.

Full Facility Access

As a co-op, all members have the use of the entire facility. Schedules and routines are decided by boarders. With only 18 horses and no riders from the outside the co-op, our members have easy access to our arena and trails.

Live-in Owners

The owners of Brookside Farms live on the property and two of their adult children live across the street.